When it came to deciding whether to breastfeed or use formula, my husband and I knew all the benefits of breastfeeding and that it was going to be the best decision for us.  We didn’t know anything else beyond that.  When Marilyn came into our home, we were surprised at how much information she shared, the individualized attention she gave us, and the passion and knowledge she showed about breastfeeding.  She had even brought with her a doll and allowed me to try all the different types of nursing positions which allowed me to figure out what worked best.  When our baby came, I was completely confident and comfortable when nursing started.  Marilyn was diligent to keep in contact with us and made us feel like she cared about our well being and our newborn’s just as much as we did.

Marilyn was our lactation consultant for three months, and her defining attribute was her willingness to stick with us. Marilyn was supportive not only of the breastfeeding relationship between my daughter and myself, but also of the relationship between my husband and my daughter, and my husband and myself. She was willing to come to our home in the evening, so that my husband could also learn the proper latching techniques, holds, and be able to help me

When it was apparent that we were dealing with more than a poor latch, Marilyn continued to research possibilities for us, and helping us to ultimately find a diagnosis of an upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie. Marilyn continued to be a huge source of support in finding a local pediatric dentist to perform the frenectomy, alternative care providers for the follow up care, and even went to some of those appointments with us. While this was a very overwhelming and uncertain time for us, Marilyn was a source of comfort and support throughout it all.

Hi I am a client of Marilyn Watkins. I was referred to her by Dr. Kate at Blue Fish Dental. My son Korbin was born in October of 2013 and has a posterior tongue tie. He was scheduled to have a revision surgery done before I met with Marilyn. After meeting with Marilyn I learned new positions I could use and we ended up cancelling the surgery all together. I remember feeling very overwhelmed with everything during the first month of my son’s life. I was so grateful to have Marilyn come to our home to help with breastfeed and more importantly she helped build my overall confidence as a mother. She helped me learn more effective positions for nursing and helped me build my own voice as a mother. I really appreciated her coming to my home during my son’s first month of life as traveling was cumbersome. I would highly recommend Marilyn to any new mothers who need help with nursing. Thank you for your help and advice.

Marilyn was such a huge blessing to me with my 4th baby. You would think by #4 you would have the breastfeeding thing down pat right? Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way. After 3 weeks of cracked and bleeding nipples we went in and had our baby’s tongue tie clipped. Marilyn was there through the whole process. She helped with my baby’s and my positions during breastfeeding right after the procedure. She was so informative, knowledgable, and supportive, and I was quickly on my way to healing, and my baby was on his way to getting his tummy full for the first time. What she did for my baby, me, and my whole family was worth more than gold to us. I would recommend Marilyn to all moms new and seasoned. I guarantee you will learn something!