The Journey:
My journey began with the birth of my first child and my desire to be the best mother possible. I joined a support group for new moms and realized we shared many doubts and fears. Years later I returned to school and became a Registered Nurse working in labor and delivery. Even though breastfeeding is a natural process, many families found it to be overwhelming. I established a lactation program within the hospital to encourage and support new families with breastfeeding.

Twenty- five years later, I am excited to have opened my own practice, offering individualized breastfeeding support which respects a family’s unique values and goals.  Solving complex breastfeeding issues can be a process. I will assist and encourage you throughout the entire breastfeeding cycle – Birth through Weaning!


My Name: “Willow Lactation”
As a teenager, my daughter attended an outdoor program which culminated with a “Naming Ceremony”.  This was a significant time for her and involved great personal awareness and growth. In order to share in her experience, we took a Mother/Daughter backpacking trip. During this trip, she taught me much of what she had learned.  She ended the trip by honoring  me with my own “Naming Ceremony”. This amazing adventure holds great  significance for us both and has helped to shape our relationship. She named me “Weeping Willow”.

“Weeping” – For your Love of others and undying compassion for the trials they face

Willow” – You are Strong, Safe, and Sheltering, willing to carry others when they need you